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PTSD Treatment

Ketamine for PTSD Treatment

Have you struggled with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and exhausted all of the other treatment methods available without any positive results to show for it?

Ketamine infusion therapy is a remarkable opportunity for profound and long-lasting improvement. It has helped thousands of people manage their PTSD and various other mood disorders including treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and OCD.

At Revive Ketamine Clinic in Arlington, TN, we do more than just provide ketamine. Our team is trained to help patients get through their new psychological experiences, maximizing comfort and efficacy. Our team believes it’s not only about utilizing the medicine but how you partner with the medicine and learn to make it work for you.

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The Benefits of Ketamine for PTSD

One of the biggest reasons ketamine is popular for the treatment of PTSD is the fact that ketamine works quickly.  While many antidepressants can take weeks to accumulate in your body, many patients have reported a reduction in their PTSD and feeling better within just a few hours of their first infusion.

Although ketamine has shown very promising outcomes for various psychological conditions, like any treatment, it does not always work for everyone. If you searching for a new PTSD treatment option near Memphis, TN, after all others have failed, then ketamine infusion might be a viable treatment option to help with your PTSD symptoms.

What Causes PTSD?

When a person goes through or witnesses a traumatic event—i.e. being involved in a shooting incident, witnessing an accident, or being in a fire tragedy—the memories can stick in one’s mind. Over time, if these intrusive memories and flashbacks don’t go away, the individual can start to lose touch with reality and end up stressed and depressed. At this point, the person is said to have post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD Prevention Measures

If not treated, PTSD can have grievous implications on patients and those around them. It can lead to other disorders, like: depression, alcohol and substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts which can ultimately lead to suicide.

Learning how you can prevent yourself from this debilitating condition is crucial. Being engaged in team events and seeking support from friends and family can be of great help. Also, assistance from a mental health professional at an early stage is very crucial.

Why Ketamine for PTSD Treatment?

There are many medications used in treating individuals with PTSD. However, these medications are often ineffective and sometimes end up doing more harm than good. Ketamine has around a 70% success rate in stabilizing mood and anxiety disorders, as well as helping PTSD patients to get past their trauma and live a normal life. It offers a more effective and long-lasting solution for PTSD without any of the long term side effects associated with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. What’s more, the fact that ketamine is also effective in the treatment of other mood disorders — like depression, which often comes hand in hand with PTSD — making it the ideal treatment for traumatic stress disorder.

There is Hope, And We Can Help

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Ketamine is, without doubt, one of the most effective ways of managing PTSD symptoms. Visit us today at Revive Ketamine Clinic in Arlington, TN, and let us help you regain your mental well-being and bring joy back into your life.

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Our clinic offers high-quality and innovative ketamine based treatments to help manage chronic anxiety and other stubborn mental health disorders. Our services are available to all people living within the city of Arlington and surrounding areas.

If you or someone you may know is struggling with long term depression, and other treatment methods and medications have failed to help, then you may want to consider ketamine infusion therapy for anxiety treatment as a viable option in your quest to live a happier and healthier life and spending time with those you love the most.

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