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Is Neuropathic Pain Chronic?

You may have neuropathic or nerve pain and not realize it. But you know all-to-well how to describe it. Many people with neuropathic pain often label it colorful: shooting, burning, electric-like. Like many kinds of pain, it has several potential

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RLS & Pregnancy

You have an irresistible urge to move your legs, especially at night or when you’re trying to rest. If you’re immobile or inactive for a long time, the pain increases. Magically, it subsides a little when you move around –

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Hands holding a brain shaped puzzle with a few pieces out of place

Does CRPS Cause Memory Problems?

The skin on your arm – years after surgery – still hurts to the touch. And what’s even worse is your other arm hurts, too, but has never been injured. Your doctor said it could be a case of complex

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Man struggling with fibromyalgia

Living With Fibromyalgia

You’re sore all over your body, and your joints and muscles are stiff. Maybe a grueling home improvement project is causing the pain, but if it persists for three months or longer, you may be experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia. Thankfully,

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The Effect Of Social Anxiety On Public Speaking

You’re thinking about a career as a teacher because you love kids and are passionate about certain subjects. There’s one problem: you have intense fear when it comes to public speaking and aren’t sure you can talk to a room

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What To Know About Chronic Pain

You severely broke your wrist, had surgery to repair the damage, and recovered long ago – or so you thought. Now, years later and without signs of another injury, you still have a dull but persistent pain. In this case,

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